Pet Water Bottle

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The Pet Water Bottle is perfect for giving a drink to your dog or cat on-the-go.  You can give them a drink of water in the park, outdoors, beach or anywhere.  The special bottle has a widemouth bowl that's perfect for pets to drink out of.  The water is stored in the bottle and can pass back and fourth from the bowl so you won't ever waste any. It's also leak proof and has a nifty filter.

  • Activated carbon can remove impurities and reduce the chlorine from direct drinking tap or cooled boiled water. 
  • By contrast, the replaceable carbon filter is equal to 100 single-serve water bottles, which is more economic and environmental-friendly.
  • It can continuous inhibition of the bacteria growth in the open drinking trough. 
  • It meets the dechlorination requirements of Standard 42 in NSF/ANSI. 
  • It removes the unpleasant odors and the chlorinate residues, absorbs foreign substance and improves the flavor.
  • During your travel, it can supply sufficient clean water to keep your dog energetic.


  • It designed an arc trough to fit their living habit, making it easier for them to drink.
  • When the button is on the left, press it and the water will come out. 
  • When the button is on the right, the button itself is locked to prevent accident leakage.


UPDATE: Due to the huge increase in social media attention, we're running extremely low on these, so hurry and order before it's all gone.


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I love this water bottle. I walk 2 large dogs about 5 miles several times a week and it is much easier to give them a drink with this than with a separate bowl and bottle of water. I attach it to the chest strap on my back pack, so I don’t have to stop and take my backpack off every time they need a drink.





I love this water bottle for taking walks with my Labrador retriever puppy and carrying it to the beach for swimming as it keeps the water clean and not sandy. My puppy figured out how to use it right away and she has no problem drinking from it.



Easy & Simple


My dog and I always go for long walks and it’s a pain to carry a bowl and a bottle of water .
This is exactly what I was looking for and my dog absolutely loves it . Easy and simple to use .





Great for traveling. I have one that flips down, but it leaked and I would have to dump the extra water on the floor. I love this that it's easy for my dog to drink and that I can return the water back to the reservoir if he doesn't drink it all.